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The Urespec wafer resistivity measurement equipment SICV200 shipped to two customers at the same time
Company News     Added:2023-12-06

Avant Semiconductor Equipment (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Avantsemi") has achieved great results again! Recently, the company announced the successful launch of wafer resistivity measurement equipment SICV200. At present, two customers have been shipped at the same time!


SICV200 is a semiconductor measurement device for measuring the resistivity of silicon wafers, doping concentration of silicon carbide or other semiconductor materials, and can support the analysis of CV characteristics at multiple frequencies for a variety of wafers of different sizes, including 12 inches. In terms of machine configuration, SICV200 has semi-automatic solutions of various sizes and fully automatic solutions in line with SEMI standards, which can be directly connected to the MES system of the customer's factory to achieve automated production.


                                                                                                             SICV200 equipment

Founded in 2021, led by returnees who have been engaged in the semiconductor industry for a long time, and jointly initiated and established by the domestic semiconductor front-end process measurement equipment technical team, we are committed to creating high-quality semiconductor front-end measurement equipment.

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