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Youruipu completed nearly 100 million yuan of A-round financing
Company News     Added:2023-07-10

Youruipu announced that the company has recently completed a round A financing of nearly 100 million yuan. 

This round of financing is led by Cornerstone Pujiang, followed by investment from Hunpu Investment, Xinghe 

Capital, Zhongnan Venture Capital, Honghu Capital, Hangzhou Menghe, and Jingning Ling'an. This round of 

financing will be used for the research and development and mass production of new products. The company

 also announced the opening of Wuxi Technology Center and Shanghai Jinqiao R&D Center.

Dr. Tang Deming, General Manager of Youruipu, stated that due to the company's richer product line and 

continuous expansion of business scale, the company has established a technology center in Wuxi. The official 

opening of the Wuxi Technology Center this time will help the company accelerate product delivery to customers

 and accelerate the research and development, validation, and mass production of new products. Youruipu is 

committed to creating high-quality semiconductor front-end measurement equipment, achieving technological 

innovation based on deep technological accumulation, and helping China's semiconductor front-end measurement 

equipment to be independently controllable.


On the founding team, the core team of Youruipu is composed of overseas returnee doctors who have long been

 engaged in the semiconductor industry and a technical team of domestic IC front-end process measurement 

equipment. Currently, Youruipu has nearly 60 employees.

Cornerstone Pujiang investors stated that the technical innovation and execution capabilities of the Youruipu 

team have left a deep impression on us. In addition to continuously expanding the application field of FTIR 

devices, Youruipu has also developed multiple detection and measurement devices for other front-end measurement 

scenarios, driving the company's rapid development.

Jiang Yinming, a partner of Hunpu Investment, stated that semiconductor quantity detection equipment is seen as 

the eye of the semiconductor process and plays a very important role in yield management in chip manufacturing. 

Currently, semiconductor quantity detection equipment is facing an urgent need for domestic substitution. Youruipu 

has completed the development, promotion, and validation of multiple quantity detection products in a relatively short 

period of time, fully reflecting the team's deep technical accumulation, broad network resources, and strong market capabilities.

Wang Jianhui, a partner of Zhongnan Venture Capital, stated that in the process of semiconductor manufacturing 

development and process improvement, advanced measurement equipment is essential. Youruipu is an excellent 

semiconductor front-end measurement equipment company that has emerged with the trend. With the team's 

deep research and development capabilities, resource integration capabilities in upstream and downstream supply 

chains, keen market insight, and customer development and service capabilities, Youruipu has been established for

 only one and a half years. It has launched multiple front-end measurement equipment that fills the domestic gap 

and has received orders and recognition from multiple well-known customers.

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