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Semiconductor front-end measurement equipment has added a new force, and the Youruipu SICD series has been officially delivered
Company News     Added:2023-07-10

Recently, the company's SICD series of silicon carbide automatic optical error microtube detection equipment has been delivered to customers, which can be used for dislocation and microtube defect detection on silicon carbide substrates. According to Dr. Tang Deming, General Manager of Youruipu, SICD devices have increased their detection speed several times compared to similar devices in China


Established in 2021, Youruipu is committed to creating high-quality semiconductor front-end measurement 


Semiconductor measurement equipment is mainly used for defect detection and parameter measurement in 

semiconductor manufacturing processes, and is widely used in the fields of silicon wafer manufacturing, chip 

manufacturing, and advanced packaging, such as critical dimension measurement equipment, film thickness

 measurement equipment, defect detection equipment, etc. The previous process measurement equipment has

 exceeded the market size of tens of billions of dollars. And more advanced manufacturing processes have also

 expanded the demand for measurement equipment, bringing more new market space for measurement 


Yourui Spectra has independently developed a semiconductor specific Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy 

measurement equipment, which can be used to measure the thickness and uniformity of the epitaxial layer, 

element concentration, silicon impurity content, and so on.

In terms of products, the Eos200Lite FTIR equipment of Yourui Spectrum can be used for measuring the thickness 

and uniformity of the epitaxial layer of silicon carbide epitaxial wafers. Currently, it has received orders from 

multiple top silicon carbide based epitaxial factories; Eos200/200+and Eos300/300+equipment for measuring

 the thickness and element concentration of epitaxial layers on silicon based epitaxial wafers have also received

 orders from multiple leading silicon based epitaxial factories and FAB factories.

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