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SICV200 Wafer resistivity measurement equipment
SICV200 is mainly a measuring device for the electrical resistivity of silicon carbide wafers and SI wafers
SICV200 Description
  • Variable frequency analysis supports CV characteristic analysis 

   at any frequency from 20kHz to 1MHz

  • A wide voltage range of 10mV to 2V can be detected to obtain

  a more stable and reliable CV characteristic curve

  • Supports various sizes of wafers (4 '&6'&8 '&12'), fully supporting

   silicon carbide wafers and silicon wafers

  • The independently developed CRT40 capacitance meter has good 

    stability and accuracy


  • Semi automatic solutions and fully automatic solutions that comply

     with SEMI standards can also be customized flexibly according

   to customer needs

  • In response to product pain points and customer improvement

     suggestions, SICV equipment has been improved and 

    optimized accordingly


High speed and high-precision operation control technology;

Fast and stable scanning: voltage capacitance curve scanning;

Algorithm framework: Eliminating noise signals;


Flexible customization of semi-automatic solutions and fully

 automatic solutions that comply with SEMI standards 

according to customer needs;

The independently developed CRT40 capacitance meter has 

good stability and accuracy;

Frequency conversion analysis supports 20kHz to 1MHz;

Supports various sizes of wafers;

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