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Eos200DSR Fully automatic reflective optical film thickness measurement equipment
Eos200DSR is a fully automatic reflective optical film thickness measurement equipment developed by Avant Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd
Eos200DSR Description
  • Integrated with two sets of optical systems, ultraviolet and near-infrared, 

      and two sets of film thickness measurement algorithms

  • Capable of measuring the ultra wide thickness range of top silicon thick

     ness in SOI process from 0 to 150um

  • Good repeatability of measurement: the repeatability of the 0-3um sample

     is 0.02nm; 3-150um sample repeatability 0.006um

  • The light source is stable and durable, with a long service life, greatly

     reducing the frequency and cost of equipment maintenance

  • Can interface with MES systems in wafer factories to achieve automated 

     production in the factory


Adopting a dual optical probe and dual film thickness design, 

it meets the measurement needs of customers for various 

thicknesses of top silicon;

Ultra long lifespan light source, low maintenance cost;

High speed and high precision motion platform;



The global fitting algorithm is used for thin film measurement 

to meet the accuracy requirements of thin film measurement;

The FFT thick film algorithm is used for thick film measurement, 

greatly expanding the measurement range of the equipment;

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