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SICD200 Fully automatic detection equipment for dislocations and microtubule defects in SiC substrate wafers
SICD200 is a fully automatic device for defect detection of silicon carbide wafers based on optical solutions developed by Shanghai Youruipu Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd. It can detect dislocations and microtubules in silicon carbide wafers.
SICD200 Description
  • Realized full area scanning and detection of the entire substrate;

  • Using high-resolution real-time focusing high-speed scanning imaging

      echnology and deep learning algorithm (AI);

  • Effectively improving the accuracy and speed of defect detection;

  • Flly automatic 5 minutes to complete the entire piece inspection

      and automatically output the inspection report;

  • The SICD series equipment integrates the detection of dislocation 

      defects in corrosion films and the detection of high-resolution

         microtubule defects in substrates on the same device;

  • This allows customers to use equipment more effectively on the 

     production line;

  • It can interface with the MES system of silicon carbide substrate 

      factories to achieve factory automation production.


Super high frequency optical microscopic imaging system is adopted, 

combined with real-time high-precision focus compensation motion

 control system;


Realize high-speed and high-resolution detection of WAFER defects, 

significantly reducing detection time;

By using high-resolution image processing technology, high-precision

 defect localization can be achieved;


Adopting high-speed optical microscopy imaging technology, 

high-speed detection can be carried out;

The detection algorithm adopts deep learning and artificial

 intelligence technology, with high adaptability 

and the ability to accurately identify various defects;

Able to calibrate and count TED, TSD, BPD dislocations, and 

detect and calibrate MP;

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