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Eos200lite 6&8’EPI thickness measurement on SiC Substrate
Eos200, part of Avant Semi’s series of automated epitaxial film thickness and element measurement systems, features high speed wafer transportation, robust and innovative modular optical system design with high throughput and low level of operating cost and maintenance. It is also designed with state-of-the-art GEM/SECS over Ethernet communications for standard clean environment operation.
Eos200lite Description
  • Industrial standard robot wafer transmission system with built-in


  • Modular design of optical units using mature Yourui spectral

    Fourier infrared technology;

  • Air cooled infrared light sources, solid-state lasers, and

    moisture-proof design can reduce maintenance costs (COO)

      And extend the normal operation time of the equipment;

  • Equipped with a Yourui spectrum epitaxial film thickness

    analysis system;

  • Customized algorithm for measuring the thickness of

     silicon carbide epitaxial film;

  • Can measue SiC EPI buffer layer thickness;

  • Optimized design for streamlined compression, with

    a smaller footprint;

  • Fully compliant with SECS/GEM standards, the SECS

    interface supports local control operations,Remote

    control operation of the host through the 

    HSMS/SECS-1 protocol;

  • The user-friendly client server architecture allows for

    fast data collection and 2D or 3D imaging;

  • Has passed SEMI S2 certification;


Contact-less measurement of epitaxial thickness by FTIR technique with very high operation throughput

Ability to determine epitaxial thickness on bulk or on patterned wafers such as silicon, SiC, GaAs, etc. It is also capable of measuring multiple grown epitaxial layers

Measurements are traceable to internal Golden Standards

Friendly user interface with convenient and fast recipe setup


Ability to sort between source and destination cassettes

Patented Fixed-Reference-on-Chuck standard without the need for background wafer

Dual robot arms with stage design allows high stability and throughput

Service-free interferometer with air cooled IR source and solid-state laser design provides high stability and lower PM time and lower COO

Optical system utilizes ZnSe beam splitter and window with room temperature DTGS detector which does not require nitrogen purge for moisture protection, resulting in lowered COO

Ability to provide certain customization for system software upon customer special request

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