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Eos300+ 12 inch element and epitaxial film thickness measurement automatic equipment
The EOS300+ is a member of the Europra Elemental and Epitaxial Film Thickness Measurement System for 12-inch elemental and epitaxial film thickness measurement. It features high-speed wafer transfer, robust and innovative modular optical system design with high throughput, low operating costs, and low maintenance levels. The advanced GEM/SECS Ethernet communication design is suitable for standard clean environment operation.
Eos300+ Description

 With built-in pre-aligner and robotic wafer transfer system;

Modular design optical unit, using mature Fourier infrared technology;

Infrared light sources and solid-state lasers and moisture-resistant designs 

reduce maintenance costs (COO) and increase equipment uptime;

Equipped with Ura spectrum elements and epitaxial film thickness analysis system;

Fully compliant with SECS/GEM standards, SECS interface supports local control 

operations, and the host performs remote control operations through HSMS/SECS-1

 protocol;The user-friendly client-server architecture allows for fast data collection

 and 2D or 3D imaging.

SEMI S2 certified


FTIR technology is used to achieve non-contact measurement

 of elemental and epitaxial film thickness, while having high 

operating capacity;

Ability to determine elemental and epitaxial thickness on 

unpatterned or patterned wafers, and measure epitaxial

 layers that have grown multiple layers;

User-friendly interface, convenient and quick program settings;

Equipped with FFU for cleanroom environments;

Semi S2 certification has good security.


Ability to distinguish between source and target cassettes;

Dual robot arms with platform design for high stability and 

high productivity;

Maintenance-free interferometer designed with infrared light source and 

solid-state laser, with high stability, low maintenance time and low 

maintenance cost;

The optical system adopts ZnSe beam splitter and a DTGS detector with

 room temperature;

The system software can be customized according to the customer's special


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