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SICE200 Fully automated wafer edge inspection equipment
SICE200 is an optical inspection automatic equipment designed for the inspection of edge and appearance surface defects of silicon-based and compound semiconductor substrates and epitaxial wafers.
SICE200 Description
  • It is compatible with 6&8 inch SiC&Si substrates and epitaxial wafer edge inspection, and is also suitable for edge defect detection of other compound substrates and epitaxial wafers

  • Simultaneous 360° inspection of wafers (defect inspection on the front, back,and edges of the wafer)

  • Simultaneous and accurate measurement of wafer chamfer and diameter(optional)

  • The opto-mechanical system with independent intellectual property rights can achieve high resolution, high detection rate and high detection rate

  • Wafer thickness, TTV/Warp/Bow and other parameters measurement (optional)


  • Image enhancement technology: highlight edge chipping, cracks, surface scratches, stains and other defective features;

  • Abundant Condition Combination Judgment Parametric Detection Tools: A variety of high-precision detection algorithm tools, with a high degree of adaptability, can accurately judge and identify defect categories, and accurately classify them;

  • Wafer chamfering and diameter measurement technology: accurate measurement, fitting, calculation of chamfer and diameter dimensions of edge contour, wafer diameter Functional modularization: The inspection software function is modular, and the inspection program (Recipe) can be quickly configured to meet the customer's personalized inspection needs (optional);

  • Defect diagram: data retention for defect review.

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