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The first Avantsemi FTIR was officially delivered to the customer
Company News     Added:2022-06-06

Today, Avant Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Avantsemi") officially delivered the first semiconductor specific FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectrometer) measuring equipment Eos200 to the customer, which is also the first time that domestic semiconductor measuring equipment company from China have delivered FTIR equipment.


FTIR is a measuring equipment that can analyze the thickness of various epitaxial layers and element concentration by Fourier transform using infrared spectrum. It can be used to measure the thickness of epitaxial layers, photoresist thickness and CMP polished thickness of first-generation semiconductors (silicon epitaxial), second-generation semiconductors (gallium arsenide, indium phosphide substrate epitaxial), third-generation Semiconductors (silicon carbide, gallium nitride epitaxial), molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), etc, also can be used for measuring the concentration of various elements in the semiconductor manufacturing process. For a long time, the semiconductor FTIR market has been monopolized by international equipment manufacturers such as Nanometrics (now Onto Innovation) and Thermo Fisher.

Compared with the foreign competitive products, Eos200 is a fully automatic measuring equipment, which adopts the modular design concept and carries out substantial innovative design in core components, equipment setup, software and other aspects, making the measuring performance of the equipment reach the same level as that of the foreign competitive products, and also greatly reducing the use and maintenance costs of customers. In particular, thanks to its excellent supply chain resources, Avantsemi can significantly shorten the equipment delivery leadtime.

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